God-i Team
  1. Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez
    CSO · Cybersecurity
    Computer Scientist. 6 Years of Experience working in Virus Research at PANDA Software. APP Programmer for Android and iOS. Cryptocurrency Expert.
  2. Adrian Carrion ( Alioli )
    Adrian Carrion ( Alioli )
    Marketing Advisor
    Community Manager. Creator of Marketing Campaigns for ASUS, AVERMEDIA, HAUPPAUGE. Owner of one of the most Famous YOUTUBE Channels in Spanish. 600K Followers / 160 Million Views
  3. Xabi Pombo
    Xabi Pombo
    Music Industry Advisor
    Audiovisual producer, Beatmaker and Emcee. Co-founder of Konektarte and Anima Studios VI recording studio. Passionate about Music and Ancient History.
  4. Manuel Marin
    Manuel Marin
    Film Industry Advisor
    Experienced TV & Film Director. Producer and Director of several documentaries filmed in California, Vietnam and during an expedition in the Artic Circle. Developing his first Feature
  5. Jorge Mera
    Jorge Mera
    Role-playing Game Industry
    Founder and Creative Director of Enaxi Thematic Events. Creator of Live Action & Tabletop Role-Playing Games. Passionate about Historical and Fantastic Novels.
  6. Marcos Sanchez
    Marcos Sanchez
    Medical Science Advisor
    Physiotherapist at University Hospital of Alava ( Neurological Rehabilitation ). Cofounder of 3dsolid.es . Passionate about 3D Printing and their Biomedical applications. Developing an Exoeskeleton.